I contribute to and maintain on an open-source game engine for JavaScript/TypeScript based games called Excalibur.js with my buddies Kamran Ayub, Josh Edeen, and Alan Grigic. I work a lot on the internal subsystems of Excalibur, lately I've been specializing in the mathematics and physics portions of the engine.

Excalibur has become a very large piece of software since we started several years ago. It has now evovled into a robust, modular piece of open source software with a complete CI/CD system for both Windows and Linux using AppVeyor and TravisCI respectively. The project has be a great way for us to grow as OSS maintainers, and we've been really pleased to receive several contributions from the community.

Some games I've built with Excalibur.js:

Crypt of the Minotaur

A game made for Ludum Dare 33. Play as the Minotaur to defend your treasure!


This game was created for Ludum Dare 31. Sweep across the screen to clear blocks!


This is a sample clone of the popular mobile game flappy bird.


TypeState is an open source TypeScript based simple finite state machine library I built to help me model simple behaviors in a statically typed way. TypeState has been used to build simple AIs for games, and mod


HyperAsteroids is fun little multiplayer asteroids game that I built to demostrate how to build a simple multiplayer server in Node.js using websockets driven by I've managed to run HyperAsteroids with around 50 concurrent people, not bad for a tiny multiplayer server ;)