General Mills Code Camp - Building real NES Games - March 2017

This talk was about building games for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

In this talk you'll learn how to build your very own nintendo games! If you've ever been curious about what console developement was like in the early days of Nintendo join me for this talk

We'll cover a brief history of the Nintendo Entertainment System and what made it awesome. Then we'll jump right into code.

General Mills Code Camp - Git-ing started with Git - July 2016

Git-ing started with Git, was a talk introducing Git source control. The main focus was to demonstrate how Git operates and how it is different from other version control systems like CVS, SVN, and TFSVC. In this talk I dive into the different aspects of how git works. We looked at how files/folders and changes are stored in git, as well as, how branches work.

General Mills Code Camp - HTTP/2 Everything you know is WRONG - March 2016

In the last few years many of the best practices we've learned around front-end optimization will be totally wrong because of HTTP/2. Even so, all hope is not lost.

This new protocol is a force for good and will bring peace and prosperity back to the galaxy (err the web). And now all major browser vendors support it!

In this talk we will talk about the cool new features in HTTP/2 and what it means for your web application. We aim to demystify any misconceptions about HTTP/2 and how to target consumers running both HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2. We will cover everything from HTTP/2's origin, to the differences from HTTP/1.1, new features in the protocol, and optimizations to make your web applications even faster, and what this means for General Mills.

MidwestJS – All Your Games Belong to Us - August 2015

General Mills Code Camp - Web Component Shuriken and Shadow DOM Ninjas - July 2025

This talk looked at the emerging "Web Components" standard with html imports/templating, custom elements, and the shadow dom. We looked at ways to create vanilla web components, and ways using popular poly-fill frameworks like Polymer (Google) and Brick (Mozilla).

Minnesota Developers Conference - All Your Games Belong to Us – September 2014

I’ll be giving an updated version of my HTML5 games talk at MDC 2014! There will be a couple of new things in the talk, including some collision detection updates and some practical game dev advice. I was excited to be chosen from among my peers, there are so many talented speakers.

MinneWebCon – All Your Games Belong to Us - April 2014

I am very excited and honored to be giving my HTML5 games talk at MinneWebCon this year! The talk is called “HTML5: All Your Games Are Belong To Us” and I hope to take people from knowing nothing about game development to knowing enough to build their first game. There are a few tickets still available for anyone who is interested!

General Mills Code Camp - Vanilla JS - February 2014

A talk I gave about thinkin critically about JavaScript libraries and their usage (or over usage). This talk suggested that there is a time and place for a library, especially when looking at things like mobile or complicated browser poly-fills. This talk also explored many simple alternatives in vanilla js to functionality available in popular JavaScript frameworks.

General Mills Code Camp - Real-time web with web sockets - July 2013

In this talk I went over what web sockets were, and how they could be used to do real time web apps. This talk primarily focused on the Microsoft stack looking at and MVC4 to create real time applications.