Erik Onarheim

Hi, my name is Erik. I am a software developer, operations engineer, and cloud engineer working in Minneapolis Minnesota. I primarily work in .NET and JavaScript. I design infrastructure for the cloud. I write games for fun. I play guitar, and occasionally draw things.

HttpClient and BOM sadness with JSON serialization

This week I ran across a problem when building a custom extension method to format a PATCH request to an api endpoint. Basically I wanted to create a PatchAsync method that matched the same semantics as PostAsync and GetAsync in HttpClient. I had some more unique JSON serialization requirements working with the IIS Admin rest api like snake_casing and booleans and numbers serialized at string literals like "124" or "true", so I needed to be able to pass my own JSON.NET configuration to the serialization.

IIS Administration REST API with PowerShell DSC in Azure

For a long time I have been using the good ol'fashioned DCOM based ServerManager client from Microsoft.Web.Administration.dll to configure IIS web servers. Now there is a nifty new open source administration REST api from Microsoft! OMGWTFBACON! This a great boon to your "DevOps" play because any language that speaks HTTP can be used to manage IIS cluster no matter how large or small! In this post I'll introduce you to PowerShell Desired State Configuration to install this powerful management tool in your environment. Like a boss 😎

Building Custom Analytics with Azure Functions

Recently we did a game jam for Ludum Dare 38, and we were not satisfied with the level of customization in analytics providers out there, so we decided to build our own with Azure Functions with Azure Table Storage as a semi-unstructured data store. We were up and running quickly and the process was fairly easy.